We know businesses can have great relationships with suppliers, based on openness and trust.

We know you can engage suppliers who understand what you are after, and just get it!

But do you know how to do that? And who in you organisation has the time to do that anyway?

At TENDER GURU, we understand that you know what you want, but may struggle to develop an RFT (or RFP) that explains that clearly to potential suppliers.  Without clarity in your RFP, dissatisfaction, disillusionment and lost time can result, as:

  • suppliers respond with a solution that is not a clear match to what you really want;
  • the price is too high, as suppliers try to cover the risk of unknowns;
  • the client/supplier relationship breaks down over time, as the assumption and exclusions in the contract are put to the test; and
  • delivery timelines are stretched.

Tender Guru can help!

Give us a call!


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