Our Services

The Tender Guru will prepare a Request for Information, Proposal, Quote or Tender that will clearly describe your technical and commercial requirements, and ensure that the Terms and Conditions are clear to both parties – minimising jargon! If you already have your requirements documented, we can work with those. OR, we can help you document them too!

We can assist your company in the go to market process by developing:

  • Requests for Proposal (RFP)  based on your Business and Technical requirements
  • Requests for Information (RFI), Quotation (RFQ), or Tender (RFT)
  • Evaluation Methodologies and assessment approaches
  • Schedules for the process, detailing the time, and staff input required to select a suitable response.

We are also able to provide:

  • Preparation of  Vendor Briefing Presentations
  • support during the RFP process (responding to clarification requests, liaison with your legal department, etc) 
  • development of evaluation scoring schemes that work for your requirements and organisation.


Alternatively, we can also work with you in responding to RFP/RFTs:

  • Plan and schedule the response effort;
  • design win themes;
  • edit technical input, including proofreading, consistency checking.

We can provide our own templates for your documents, or use your own templates as you prefer.
Documents are provided in soft-copy form, for your organisation to issue or print, as preferred.

Engagement Model

The Tender Guru can provide an Australia wide service.
The Tender Guru maintains constant contact with your stakeholders.  
We work closely with your Legal Department to ensure adherence to your legal standards and requirements.
All source material provided is returned to you at the completion of the engagement.  The Tender Guru will sign Non-Disclosure agreements as required.


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