Pricing for services will be discussed with the client.  The Tender Guru can work on  a fixed price or time and materials basis.
Pricing will vary depending on:

  • Complexity and nature of the engagement
  • Length of the engagement
  • the amount of on-site time required

At commencement, we spend time with your staff on-site to review the key areas of the scope.  Additional time on-site can be catered for. 

  • Our rates are based on an average 8 hour working day
  • Weekend work is charged at the same rate
  • Additional time spent over a week will require additional compensation
  • Rates are for labour only. Other expenses, such as travel, accommodation, or consumables will be charged at cost (subject to prior approval)
  • Rates are exclusive of GST


The Tender Guru will not be held responsible for any pricing or costing
figures included in any documentation produced.

The Tender Guru will not be held responsible for the development of any
contracts that may be included in the documents.

All requirements are based on information gathered from the client

The client is responsible for approving and issuing any documents to market.
Documents thus issued are deemed to have been authorised by the client.

The Tender Guru is NOT liable for any claims or statements made therein.


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