P.S. – Director of Infrastructure, University of Melbourne

Alison has the expertise and ability to perform her role such as:

•     Ability to understand and interpret requirements;
•     Self-managed;
•     Ability to manage teams to deliver outcomes;
•     Development of clear, concise documentation;
•     Production of Well-structured documentation;
•     Knowledge of contracts and the legal requirements of the tendering process;
•     An understanding of probity issues, and the ability to develop evaluation approaches.

She is proactive and can be relied on to deliver as requested and agreed.

J.W. – Senior Project Manager, University of Melbourne

… an experienced Tender Author, who can easily liaise with Technical people to ascertain their needs for a Request for Tender or Request for Quote. She is able to translate technical jargon into Business tender requirements which are easily understood. She has a keen eye for detail abd uses this skill in preparing documents and evaluation spreadsheets.

Results focused, personable and professional.  I would recommend Alison to anyone looking to developa Request for Tender, Proposal or Quote. 

A.C. – Project Manager

I found Alison to be a pleasure to work with given her attention to detail and consistent performance.  Alison’s experience was certainly welcome and I found myself consulting with her on many occasions, whereupon she always provided well thought-out suggestions. With a measured approach Alison proved an invaluable team member when dealing with challenging situations

S.P. – Business Analyst and Process Engineer

Alison is a direct, efficient and talented author of project material and a clear thinker, with the technical proficiency and management skills to guide a Project from end to end. Forget jargon, vague references or pussy footing around – Alison is a straight shooter with an eye for detail and provides a clear understanding for those who engage her.

L.R. – Service Centre Manager

A customer centric professional, whose ideas and energy have no bounds when it comes to providing targeted solutions to the problems we encountered in improving our service to our customers.

Her recommendations and guidance was and will continue to be high on my list of action items to improve service.

A.Y. – Procurement Manager

Alison has worked on a number of major ICT projects as a tendering specialist. She has been the key person responsible for developing some of our project tenders and introducing documentation template standards and evaluation methodology guidelines which are now widely used in all IT tenders. Alison is very results-focused, produces high quality work on time, networks well with her peers and demonstrates her own initiatives to improve work outcomes.


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